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Installation Checklist


  • Click here to download and access Google BigQuery ODBC driver & documentation.

  • ODBC driver to use in ETL+:

    • Have your source system’s ODBC driver on the same Windows computer where ETL+ is

    • Create or use an ODBC System DSN (instead of User DSN)

    • The ODBC driver must have the same 32/64bit build as ETL+

    • Click here for Microsoft ODBC documentation.

  • If you haven’t installed ETL+ yet: ETL+ Deployment Instructions.

  • Login to ETL+ (help here).

  • Adding a new ODBC source: On ETL page’s left panel, click Add Source -> ODBC.

  • Maintaining an ODBC source: On ETL page’s left panel, right-click the ODBC source → Properties.

  • On the ODBC Data Sources page, select the correct ODBC Name from the list.

    • Can’t find your ODBC? Be sure ETL+ and the ODBC have the same 32/64bit build.

    • ODBC requiring credentials: double-click the ODBC nameenter credentialsConnect.

    • You might leave the Alias as is, or customize it.

    • Click Connect.

  • You’ll get back to the ETL page and see tables under the new ODBC source on the left panel.