Upgrading your ETL+

How to update your current version of ETL+ to version 2023.10.


  • Open your current ETL+ and note the version and number of bits (highlighted in yellow below).

If you have ETL+ v2022.04 or older

If you have ETL+ v2022.08

  1. Put your existing ETL+ version 2022.08 program in a temporary new folder to delete later - in case you need to go back to it.

  2. If you have DataSelf Agent running as a service:

    1. Stop the service.

    2. Disable its Windows Task Scheduler task.

  3. Go to the Install ETL+ v2023.10 heading below.

Important: after the upgrade, you should NO longer use v2022.08.

If you have ETL+ v2023.01 or newer

  1. Uninstall DataSelf ETL Plus with Windows Control Panel.

    • If you can’t find ETL+ on the Control Panel, rename the existing ETL+ program to DoNotUse, e.g.: "DoNotUseDataSelf ETL Plus.exe". You can delete this file after a successful upgrade.

  2. Go to the Install ETL+ v2023.10 heading below.

Install ETL+ v2023.10

  1. Download ETL+ Installer from https://kb.dataself.com/ds/dataself-etl-download-links

  2. Run the ETL+ Installer and follow the prompts.

  3. Open and Test ETL+.

32-bit. If your source system(s) requires ETL+ 32-bit:

  1. Ater you run the installer process above, download the DataSelf ETL+ 32bits file from https://dataself.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DS/pages/1139376170.

  2. Copy/paste the downloaded DataSelf ETL Plus.exe into C:\Program Files\DataSelf ETL Plus

    • Confirm the overwrite prompt.

Open and Test ETL+

  • Important: Do not open your ETL+ entity with prior ETL+ versions. This might break your data refreshes.

  1. Run DataSelf ETL Plus from the Desktop shortcut or from Start.

  2. ETL+ should display the new version number on the top right of its window.

  3. On the ETL+ Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) page, right-click a small table (like Salesperson or Accounts) on the Target Objects pane. Click Load Now.
    The load should be successful.

The upgrade should be all set. Please contact support@dataself.com if you need assistance.

Install a Hotfix to ETL+ v2023.10

On the computer with ETL+ v2023.10 installed, click here, find the hotfix section under v2023.10, and download the hotfix (usually the 64-bit version).

Stop/kill any open ETL+ on the computer.

Copy/paste the downloaded ETL+ into C:\Program Files\DataSelf ETL Plus.

Confirm to overwrite the existing file and then the Windows security warning.

That’s it.



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