Data Source Move/Upgrade: Free or Paid

1. Paid Professional Services

Please contact your DataSelf representative if your source system (ERP, CRM, and other data silos) move and/or upgrade won’t meet the Free Professional Services criteria below to assess potential costs and time to adapt DataSelf to it.

2. Free Professional Services

Adapting DataSelf to an upgraded and/or moved source system is free when all of the following apply:

  • The client is current with their DataSelf software subscription.

  • Adapting DataSelf is done once the moved/upgraded data source is ready for production. This assumes no testing against the source system’s testing sandbox(es). This also assumes the client will be OK if it takes some time to get DataSelf to operate normally after the source system’s upgrade.

    • Optional, recommended, and requires paid services: Set up a DataSelf test environment to adapt/upgrade/test against the source system’s upgrade sandbox.

  • No process changes are being made to data sources during the move and/or upgrade (no changes to the business logic that can affect reporting and data analysis).

  • The source system version before the upgrade is less than four years old.

  • The source system’s tables and fields won’t have their names changed by the upgrade process. This only applies to tables and fields mapped in DataSelf.

  • No historical data will be purged from the source system.

  • The source system will remain available on the same local network or IP address.

  • The authentication method to extract data from data sources hasn’t changed.

  • The DataSelf software and its hosted server(s) won’t need to be moved, upgraded, and/or reinstalled.

  • If needed, the DataSelf team will have easy 24x7 Admin access to the environment where your DataSelf ETL (data extraction tool) is hosted.

  • After the upgrade, the client will test the data quality in DataSelf and adjust it if the source system’s upgrade causes discrepancies. 

  • Discussing if/how the client can get more value from their investment in DataSelf.

Adapting DataSelf to the conditions above is simple. Generally, there is no need to test DataSelf against a sandbox of your source system(s) being moved and/or upgraded.

Please let know at least a couple of weeks before you plan on changing your source system. That way we can make arrangements to keep your DataSelf operation uninterrupted.


Keywords: ERP, CRM, Acumatica, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, NetSuite, Quickbooks, Sage, Salesforce.