Deployment Form for Advanced Analytics for Acumatica

Deployment form:

Budget about 15 minutes to complete the process. The following are the steps required to deploy Advanced Analytics for Acumatica:

Page 1: Contact Info

  • End User Company Name: ex.: Abc Corp

  • End User Full Name (person responsible for the investment in DataSelf): Ex. Joe Doe

  • End User Email: ex.: joedoe@abc.copr

  • End User Phone Number: ex.: 408-123-1234

  • Acumatica Reseller Company Name: ex.: AcuVAR Inc

  • Acumatica Reseller Contact Name (VAR account manager or consultant for End User): ex. Mary Jo

  • Acumatica Reseller Contact Email:

Page 2: Acumatica Access

  • End User’s Acumatica URL: ex:

  • Acumatica Tenant Name: enter None for single-tenant, or the tenant name. Each Advanced Analytics site can connect to only one tenant.

  • Acumatica user name for DataSelf: Create an Acumatica user (preferably, name it dataself) with roles: Administrator, BI, Customizer, DashboardDesigner, ReportDesigner, WikiAdmin. Click here for help.

  • Acumatica password for DataSelf: Enter the password created.

  • DataSelf Generic Inquiries (GIs): Follow the procedure from GI Download page, then type DONE in the box.

Page 3: License and Payment

  • Select your Acumatica Resource Level: If you have an older Acumatica pricing model: S1 to M3 = Small, L1 to X4 = Medium, E1 to P2 = Large.

  • Select your Advanced Analytics User Level

  • Select your Advanced Analytics Editions:

    • Core Financials: AP & AR Aging, AR Sales, Cash Flow Proj, GL Tran

    • Distribution: Inventory On Hand Today, PO and SO

    • Construction: Proj Accounting

    • If you need more than the Core Financials edition, later we'll email you asking which one you want.

  • Professional Services Fees. IMPORTANT! DataSelf Certified Consultants are equipped to properly perform data testing, adjust the data extraction process, and train users. Please consult your Acumatica VAR about their services and fees.

  • Total

  • VAR or Deployment Code (optional)

  • Enter Credit Card Information

  • Read the DataSelf End User License Agreement (EULA).

  • Check I’m not a robot.

  • Click Deploy.


Feel free to contact aads @ for support.

General information about Advanced Analytics for Acumatica:


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