ETL+ Source Driver for Google Sheets

Creates and manages Source Objects that connect to Google Sheets.

Add Source: New Google Sheets connection.

Properties: Maintain Google Sheets connection.

Refresh: Update Google Sheet metadata.

Google Sheets Page

  • Alias name. The name for the source object shown on the Source Objects panel.
    A source object name will be automatically populated. Customize as desired.

  • Schema.

  • Spreadsheet ID. Link to a Google Speadsheet.
    The value of the Spreadsheet ID comes from one segment of the Google sheet’s URL as shown in the example below.

  • Target (optional). Name of a single Google sheet, also known as a worksheet or tab.

    • To connect to all Google spreadsheet tabs leave Target (optional) empty.

    • To connect to a single spreadsheet tabs enter the sheet name in Target (optional).

    • Specifying a single Target may may resolve connection problems.

  • Back. Leave the page without saving or attempting to connection.

  • Connect. Connect to the source database.

  • Save. Save the configuration without attempting to connect.


Change DataSource. Only shown when opened by Properties.

How to Add Google Sheet Connections

  1. Open the for the ETL+ entity to edit.

  2. Select Add Source > MS SQL..

How to Maintain Google Sheet Connections

  1. Open the for the ETL+ entity to edit.

  2. Select a Google Sheets based Source Object on the Source Objects panel.

  3. Select Properties > Google Sheets.


Google Speadsheets, Sheets and Worksheets.

Google Sheets is the Cloud application for creating spreadsheets

A Google Spreadsheet is an entire file.

Each Sheet in a Google spreadsheet is a tab. There can be one (minimum) of more Sheets in a spreadsheet.

  • Sheet and Worksheet may be used interchangably.

  • Documentation often doesn’t explicitly explain the terms.