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Resolution of a conflict of names for things related to Data Sources, Source Types, Source Systems, connecting software

Folder/directories and Pages in the KB Referring to Data Sources


  • A stand alone, conceptual page.

ETL+ Data Sources

An ETL+ Data Source is a Source Type (ex.: MS SQL Server or NetSuite ODBC) …


  • The many pages in this folder include a mini-tutorial or introduction to ETL+ in most cases focusing on a particular commercial ERP, CRM, etc data source.

  • Expected User Type: Someone new to ETL+.

ETL+ Data Source List

Alternate Names for the ETL+ Source Types Folder

  1. ETL+ Source System Use Cases

  2. Introduction to ETL+ by Source System

  3. Introduction to ETL+ by ERP, CRM, etc. Use Cases

  4. ETL+ Source Objects.
    Suggestion from 1 staff. It’s technically correct but not very descriptive for a new user.

  5. ETL+ with ERP, CRM and other Data Sources

  6. ETL+ with ERP, CRM and other Source Systems

  7. Your input?


Source Systems and IT

Source Systems here seems to be synonomous with Source Types above.

4. ETL+ Source Object Creators/Managers

These 10 functions are shown in a menu when Add Source is selected. Each are represented in the UI as a page/window. As a group their role is to create, maintain and manage the Source Objects shown on the Source Objects panel. Each of them represents a technology for connecting to and querying/extracting data from various source systesm.

Click Add Source to show this menu
Example Source Object Manager page


Proposed Names for ETL+ Source Object Managers

Lists of Pages in Folders