ETL+ Load Upsert Example 1


ETL Configuration

Load Upsert panel.
Sequence is the highwater column
See Load Upsert panel lower right.
key column marked as the Key+ column.
For upsert processing the column(s) marked as Key+ function as a logical unique key.

Initial Load Upsert

Data Source

Target Table After Initial Load Upsert

ETL+ Preview page


From SSMS,
highwater mark in Sequence column after Load Upsert is 104

ETL Log: (4 rows loaded)

2nd Load Upsert

Highwater mark determined from Sequence column in target table before Upsert is 104.

Before: The highwater mark is 104. (See Sequence column in Target Table after step above)

Data Source

Target Table After 2nd Upsert

1st row changed to
Sequence = 105
Data from SSMS,
new highwater mark is 105


ETL Log: (2 rows upserted)



Target Table in Database

Included for those interested. Very few users need to know the internals of the database tables storing the data warehouse.