ETL+ Load Upsert Example 2

Simple Upsert example. No deleted source records, no changes to key.

ETL Configuration

Load Upsert panel.
Sequence is the highwater column
See Load Upsert panel lower right.

Initial Load Upsert

Data Source

Target Table After Initial Load Upsert


ETL Log: (4 rows loaded)

2nd Load Upsert

The first step of the upsert process extracts the highwater mark from the target table. In this example the highwater mark is before the from Sequence column in target table before Upsert is 104.

Before: The highwater mark is 104. (See Sequence column in Target Table after step above)

Data Source

Target Table After 2nd Upsert

ETL Log: (2 rows upserted)

Alternative View:



Target Table in Database

Included for those interested. Very few users need to know the internals of the database tables storing the data warehouse.