Why Connections to DataSelf Server Fail

Troubleshooting why client computer servers are not able to connect to DataSelf servers.

The customer will need to troubleshoot the issue from their side with help from DataSelf.
The problem will likely be one of the four potential causes discussed here.


Have DataSelf send you the IP address that are whitelisted on DataSelf’s side.

Potential Causes

Listed by the most to least likely.

  1. The customers external IP address that is connecting to DataSelf servers has not been successfully whitelisted. It’s possible that the current IP address on the client side has changed or is different from the IP address whitelisted on DataSelf’s side.

  2. The hostname is not resolving correctly on the server/computer that isn’t connecting.

  3. Port 1433 outbound is blocked outbound by the client side firewall.

  4. There is a routing issue between their Internet connection and the CIDR that dw3 public IP falls within.

 Troubleshooting the Potential Causes

  1. Customer should Google ‘What’s my IP address?’ from the computer that cannot connect to dw3.

    • Confirm that the client side IP address matches the IP whitelisted on DataSelf’s side.

    • If a different public IP is shown request DataSelf whitelist that IP address on their server.

  2. Customer should open a command prompt from the computer that cannot connect and run
    ping dw2.dataself.com’ and ‘ping dw3.dataself.com’.
    Note the IP addresses that ping shows those hostnames resolve to. 

    • IF different addresses are resolved, the customer will need to check their name resolution settings and change them to a DNS that is up to date, e.g., 

    • IF the client side computer uses internal DNS servers, those server should update their forwarders.

  3. Customer should open PowerShell on the computer that cannot connect to dw3 and run
    Test-NetConnection -ComputerName dw2.dataself.com -port 1433' and
    'Test-NetConnection -ComputerName dw3.dataself.com -port 1433

    • IF Test-NetConnection does not return true, port
      THEN 1433 is being blocked.
      Customer should check their outbound fire wall rules.

  4.  Customer should open a command prompt from the computer that cannot connect and run
    tracert dw2.dataself.com' and 'tracert dw3.dataself.com’.
    Compare the route paths shown by the tracert commands.
     IF the paths differ, customer should contact their ISP for further troubleshooting.



Keys: whitelist, white list, whitelisted, fire wall, firewall