ETL+ Freeze

Freeze & Unfreeze buttons. Select Freeze to prevent all changes in ETL+ related to this target table.

The Freeze feature protects/locks out data warehouse tables from accidental changes to the data in the target (data warehouse) table. Useful for static tables or tables with historical data that should never be overwritten.

Tables set to Freeze don’t allow any action on the target table via ETL+. It freezes the target table (in the data warehouse). A job on the can include a frozen table but their load will not be executed - the log will show “Skip. This table is frozen."

On the selecting Freeze on a target table will inactivate the Load All button, the Extract SQL Statement panel, the Design page, and the target table name on the Target Object panel.


More Options for Protecting Data in SQL Server

To provide a higher level of protection make the table Read Only. For instance, see