DataSelf ETL+ Server

The DataSelf ETL+ Server is a Windows Server environment that provides metadata and server-side services for DataSelf ETL+ entities.

For instance, a DataSelf ETL+ entity is responsible for the extraction, transformation, and loading of data into a data warehouse; and the DataSelf ETL+ Server stores and provides the entity with connection instructions to the source databases and the target data warehouse, the list of tables and columns to extract, and extract SQL Statements.

DataSelf ETL+ Server Components

  • A Windows Server environment hosting:

    • A MS SQL Server instance hosting the ETL+ metadata and running supporting server-side services.

    • A MS SQL Server database hosting the ETL+ metadata and Stored Procedures.

    • SQL Server Agents to run ETL+ Stored Procedures.

    • A DataSelf ETL+ Agent running scheduled and on-demand tasks.

  • Optional DataSelf ETL+ Web - Beta version: A Linux Server environment hosting DataSelf ETL+ Web server. This server must have read and write rights to the ETL+ metadata database.

DataSelf ETL+ AWS Cloud Services

By default, ETL+ installations securely connect to the following DataSelf AWS Cloud Services:

  • DataSelf ETL+ Server operating 24x7 in AWS Oregon or Ohio regions.

  • VMs running Windows Server v2019.

  • MS SQL Server v2019.

  • IP-to-IP and SSL protected.

  • 99.5% uptime.

  • Backup every 12 hours.

Optional: you might host your own DataSelf ETL+ Server environment. Contact us to discuss it.

ETL+ AWS Cloud Services Maintenance

  • Windows Servers and MS SQL Servers are updated on the first Saturday of every month at 8pm PST. The usual downtime is a few minutes.

  • DataSelf ETL+ Agent is upgraded as new releases become available.

  • The DataSelf team monitors the Windows Servers, MS SQL Servers, DataSelf ETL+ Server, and ETL+ logs and acts on addressing infrastructure issues if/when they happen.

  • As a rule of thumb, clients don’t need to worry about maintaining the DataSelf ETL+ framework.

  • DataSelf communicates with its client base in case of unscheduled maintenance usually with a one-week advance notice.