DataSelf ETL+ Server

DataSelf ETL+ Server is a server-side software suite engineered to provide metadata along with optional services for DataSelf ETL+ deployments.

DataSelf ETL+ installations are responsible for the extraction, transformation, and loading of data into a data warehouse. The DataSelf ETL+ Server stores metadata which provide ETL+ installations with connection instructions to the source databases and the target data warehouse, the list of tables and columns to extract, and extract SQL Statements.

DataSelf ETL+ Server Components

  • Core Features - required: A MS SQL Server database hosting the ETL+ Metadata.

  • Server-side features for running Tableau Extract refreshes and Cloud Scripts - optional:

    • A Windows Server VM running a Microsoft SQL Server instance hosting the ETL+ Metadata and running Stored Procedures with access to the VM’s HD, plus a DataSelf ETL+ Agent running scheduled and on-demand tasks.

  • DataSelf ETL+ Web - Beta version - optional: A Linux Server environment hosting DataSelf ETL+ Web server. This server must have read and write rights to the ETL+ metadata database.

DataSelf ETL+ AWS Cloud Services

By default, ETL+ installations securely connect to the following DataSelf AWS Cloud Services:

  • DataSelf ETL+ Server operating 24x7 in AWS Oregon or Ohio regions.

  • VMs running Windows Server v2019.

  • MS SQL Server v2019.

  • IP-to-IP and SSL protected.

  • Backup every 12 hours.

Optional: you might host your own DataSelf ETL+ Server environment. Contact us to discuss it.

ETL+ AWS Cloud Services Maintenance

  • Windows Servers and MS SQL Servers are updated on the third Saturday of every month at 7pm PST. The usual downtime is a few minutes.

  • DataSelf ETL+ Agent is upgraded as new releases become available.

  • The DataSelf team monitors the Windows Servers, MS SQL Servers, DataSelf ETL+ Server, and ETL+ logs and acts on addressing infrastructure issues if/when they happen.

  • DataSelf communicates with its client base in case of unscheduled maintenance usually with a one-week advance notice.