USER Functions

User functions can be used to create built-in filters displaying only the permissible data for that user.
This is a basic version of Row Level Security (RLS). The security can be based on individual username, or group names that the user is a member of. Using group level security is generally simpler to maintain.

ISUSERNAME returns True if the logged in username matches the string value specified in the calculation

ISMEMBEROF returns True if the logged in username is a member of the Group name specified in the string value of the calculation

USERNAME returns the logged in username, which is different than the FULLNAME

Example: Display only ShipTo States assigned to a specific region/group the user is a member of.

  1. A Tableau Site Administrator can create groups. In this example I’ve created 3 groups:
    Western Region, Central Region, Eastern Region.

  2. Add Tableau users to the respective groups.

  3. In your workbook, create a field identifying the Regions. This example is by Ship To State


  4. Create a calculated field identifying which group they are a member of.


  5. Add the Region Filter to the Filters section


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