Activating a Tableau Server License

Tableau Server requires at least one product key that both activates the server and specifies the number of license levels you can assign to


  • Product Key.

  • TSM (Tableau Services Manager) must be installed on the server hosting Tableau Web Server.

  • Authorized User. The account that you use to sign in to TSM must have authorization to make changes on the local computer where Tableau Server is installed.

    • By default, the account that you use to sign in to TSM must be a member of the Administrators group on the Windows computer where Tableau Server is installed.

    • Alternatively, you can specify a Windows group for TSM administration.

    • for more see Tableau’s Sign in to Tableau Services Manager Web UI.

  • URL to TSM. https://<URL-for-Tableau-Web-Server>:8850
    Where: <URL-for-Tableau-Web-Server> is your URL to the Tableau Web Server.

    • For example the URL to DataSelf’s bi1 server is
      The URL to TSM therefor is

Activate a License with Tableau Services Manager Web UI

  1. Enter the URL to TSM in a web browser.

  2. Log in.

  3. Click Configuration > Licensing

  4. Click Activate License.

  5. On the Activate page, enter or paste your product key and click Activate Product Key.

    • After your product key is activated, it appears under Activated Product Keys

  6. Click Next

Licensing panel in Tableau Services Manager (TSM).