Excel AD

Automatic refresh and distribution by email of Excel Workbooks.

Excel AD is a self-contained application consisting of a Excel workbook with reporting & distribution directives that drive a custom macro. Excel AD runs reports from other Excel workbooks and then distributes copies of the updated Excel files by email.

Ask us for information about this proprietary, out-of-the-box solution for Excel. See also https://dataself.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DS/pages/1899986945

How Excel AD Works

Excel AD is a Microsoft Excel workbook – the Controller – programmed with a custom macro. The controller has a table with the names of workbooks to automate, a optional filter parameter and email addresses of recipients. The Controller workbook opens other Excel files, refreshes the data, and distributes the updated Excel files to the designated email addresses.

The filter parameter allows the selection of data that is sent to each recipient. With the filter a single master copy can serve a number of different recipients where each recipient only receives the data they need and are authorized to see.

You provide functioning Excel workbooks that Excel AD uses as the master copy of the workbook. Functioning means that when you click Data > Refresh All in the workbook then Excel imports (downloads/refreshes) the data it needs into the workbook.

 Excel AD automates the process of

  1. opening the master workbook(s) designated in the Controller workbook.

  2. clicking Refresh All

  3. Filtering the data for each type of recipient. (optional)

  4. Making a copy of the updated workbook so the master workbook is not disturbed or changed. Saves the copy.

  5. Emailing out the copies to the recipients designated in the Controller workbook.

For more see https://dataself.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DS/pages/2013626369