Users, Applications and DBs Using SQL Server Now?

To verify who and what applications are hitting which databases on your MS SQL Server now:

  • Open SSMS and connect to the desired SQL instance

  • Right-click the instance name → New Query

  • Copy and paste the code below on the right panel:

SELECT HostName, Loginame, Login_Time, Program_Name, DB_NAME(dbid) [DB_Name], right(convert(varchar, dateadd(ms, datediff(ms, last_batch, getdate()), '1900-01-01'), 121), 12) as 'Duration', CPU as CPU_Time, Status, Cmd, SpID FROM master.dbo.sysprocesses WHERE spid > 50 AND status not in ('background', 'sleeping') -- AND Loginame LIKE '%UserName%' -- <--- Filter by Username ORDER BY Duration DESC
  • Click Execute of F5 (multiple times as needed).




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