DataSelf ETL Retirement (Legacy Product)


As of 03/10/2022, DataSelf ETL is officially retired (v2020.1.100). It's been our legacy product since 2005. 

Powerful Replacement

We're replacing it with the feature-rich, lean, mean, easy-to-use, and powerful DataSelf ETL+. Learn more at:
- Release Notes

What’s Next? 

There are several options going forward:

  • Upgrade to ETL+ or try it out in parallel with the legacy product (plus enjoy the additional benefits of the latest DataSelf solution).

  • If you need to upgrade your server environment, source systems, MS SQL Server and/or Tableau or Power BI: contact us to discuss your upgrade options.

  • Leave the legacy product running as is.

  • End of life on 12/31/2024: You can continue to benefit from our consulting services to maintain the legacy product for a fee until its end of life. 

 Please contact us to discuss this.