DSA Cloud AD & DSA AD version 2

DSA Cloud AD is DataSelf's fully hosted (cloud based) solution for  Automatic Distribution of Tableau views and dashboards.  

DSA AD and DSA Cloud AD runs DataSelf reports & dashboards on a schedule and distributes the output by email.   Reports and dashboards can be filtered so that 'customized' reports can be sent to individual recipients from one master version of a report. 


DSA AD  & DSA Cloud AD requires:

  • Tabcmd.exe.  Appropriate version of the Tableau utility tabcmd.exe. The version of Tabcmd.exe that matches  the version of Tableau Web server that AD is automating.

    • Tabcmd.exe can be downloaded without restriction from Tableau.

  • Access & credentials to Tableau Web server.
    Tableau Web can be hosted on a different server on the internet.

  • Ability to run Microsoft Powershell.   
    (Powershell is installed by default on Microsoft Windows Servers.)

  • After Feb 2021 - copy of ETL+ on a local server.  (Uploads Report & Distribution Commands tables)


  • Tableau Desktop is not required.

    Tableau Desktop is only helpful when creating Tableau reports that can be automated with DSA AD.

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