DataSelf Analytics Security

DataSelf’s top company value is data security and privacy. Our core team has been working with clients’ data security concerns since 2005. Our latest solution relies on an industry-standard, best-of-breed BI and analytics platform based on AWS, Azure, MS SQL Server, Tableau, Power BI, and MS Excel.

DataSelf On-premises / Private-Cloud Systems

For your total privacy and control, DataSelf Analytics can be completely deployed behind your firewall. This usually increases your license subscription and ongoing maintenance costs.

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DataSelf Cloud Hosted Systems

Data Load: The data transfers from your on-premises or private-cloud sources into DataSelf Cloud are secured by SSL connections and IP whitelisting. The behind-the-firewall communications with the cloud are outbound-based - there is no need to open inbound firewall ports.

Data Storage - Multi-tenant Security: Depending on your DataSelf configuration, your data can be stored in a single or multi-tenant AWS server farm. The data separation between tenants is guaranteed by MS SQL Server schemas or databases or instances and Tableau sites.

Data Backup: Backup every 12 hours.

Data Retrieval: Users benefit from transparent SSL connections (Single Sign On available) to retrieve their data from the Tableau or Power BI cloud services, and IP whitelisting when retrieving MS SQL data.

Data Security & Privacy:

User Authentication:

Cloud Security. MFA, SSO, Azure Active Directory

Tableau & Power BI Security

Tableau Server User Permissions / Security

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Tableau Row Level Security:

Power BI Row Level Security:

Power BI User Permissions / Security: