Column Modified Mappings on Delta Refresh Tables

The term “Column mappings” refers to the relationship between the columns (or fields) from a table in a source system with first, how they are configured in ETL+ metadata and second, how their are physically in the target table in the data warehouse.
Example: A source column is an integer with values 0 or 1 to represent FALSE/TRUE, the column is mapped in ETL+ to be a bit data type. When the table is loaded into the warehouse this column is converted from int (integer) to bit.


“Column mappings modified. The delta refresh needs one “Load All” data load to sync up OR manual adjustments to the physical table.
Force one “Load All” in the next load (manual or scheduled)?”

Yes No Cancel

For more about Force Load All see

Select Yes

Yes: Changes are saved, ETL+ will force a Load All in the next load (manual or scheduled) to sync up the column mappings changes to all rows, and then it resumes the delta refresh. To manually Load All, on the ETL main page, select the table and click Load All icon.

Select No

No: Changes are saved, and the user should manually adjust the physical data warehouse table to sync up with the ETL+ modified mappings (ex.: SQL ALTER TABLE). If this is not done, delta refreshes will fail. Other options to fix it: do a Load All on this table (see Yes section above), or delete the physical table (which makes ETL+ do one Load All automatically).

Select Cancel

Cancel: Changes are discharged.