ETL+ Command Line Interface

Windows command line/CMD command (DOS) syntax for running processes defined on ETL+.

Syntax for Windows Shortcuts and command line interface to ETL+

<path>\DataSelf ETL Plus.exe” -e <entity> -j <job-id> [-ui load] [-ui log]


  • <path>: Folder where ETL+ is installed. By default, C:\Program Files\DataSelf ETL Plus\

  • -e <entity>: The entity is the Entity value shown on the lower left-hand corner of most ETL+ pages. This parameter is always required to define which entity will be used by the command line.

  • -j <job-id>: This parameter will run the <job-id> (shown on the Job’s ID column - see the image below) from the -e <entity> as a Windows service on the local computer.

    • Example: "DataSelf ETL Plus.exe" -e sample_entity -j 3.

  • -ui load: This parameter added to -j will run the Job via the Load UI (instead of running as a service). |
    Running a command line with the -ui load parameter is the same as selecting a job on the Job page and then Run Job.

Example. The page below is displayed because of the -ui load parameter in the command line
"DataSelf ETL Plus.exe" -e w_demo_erp -j 3 -ui load.

  • -ui log: This parameter will run the ETL Log page from the -e <entity>.
    The log shown is the same log as the log shown when clicking Log on the ETL or Job pages.

    • E.g.: The following page is the result from: "DataSelf ETL Plus.exe" -e w_demo_erp -ui log


Syntax for Prior Versions of ETL+

  • Syntax from the prior version of ETL+.