DataSelf User Access to Sage Intacct

Please follow the instructions below to give DataSelf data extraction reading-rights from your Intacct data:

Sage Intacct User Configuration

  • Sign in to your Sage Intacct

Add & Give Permissions to a Web-Services User

  • Web Service users are for data extraction only - different from regular UI users.

  • Business user type with Admin privileges required.

  1. Go to Company > Admin tab > Users, roles & groups, then click the + sign beside Web Services users.

  2. Enter User ID: dataself

  3. Enter the user's Last name: Corp; and First name: DataSelf

  4. Enter the user's Email address:

  5. Enter Contact name: dataself

  6. Enter User name: DataSelf Corp

  7. Select User type: Business

  8. Select Admin privileges: Full

  9. Select Status from: Active

  10. Go to Roles Information tab > Then add Roles, as needed, using the + sign

    • Admin

    • AP Manager

    • AR Manager

    • CFO Read Only

  11. Click Save when you’re done entering the user's information.

  12. When the Verify your identity pop-up appears, enter your own password as verification of your identity. Your new Web Services user will receive an email with their user ID information.

Sender ID

Add company’s Sender ID to the allowed list.

  1. Company > Set up tab > Company > Security tab

  2. Click Edit button

  3. Go to section labeled “Web Services authorizations

  4. Add the Sender ID:  DataselfMPP

Subscribe to Web Services

Add company’s Sender ID to Sage Intacct’s allowed list.

  1. Company > Subscriptions

  2. Find ‘Web Services’ and click on it to Subscribe

  3. Ignore the warning about additional charges


When using CData ODBC to extract Intacct data, configure the following parameters:

  • Company ID

  • Auth Scheme: Basic

  • User

  • Password

  • Sender ID

  • Sender Password