DataSelf ETL+ Minimum System Requirements

Hardware and software requirements for cloud, hybrid, and on-premises (client-hosted) architectures.


Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements

DataSelf Cloud Data Warehouses

Nothing else is required. DataSelf will securely host your data warehouse(s) in our AWS or Azure servers.

MS SQL Server for On-Premises/Private-Cloud Data Warehouses

Please use the following guidelines when hosting your data warehouse on your own MS SQL Server:

  • MS SQL Server versions: 2022, 2019, 2017, 2016, or 2014.

  • MS SQL Editions: any.

  • MS SQL architecture: Server or serverless including Azure SQL.

  • SQL Authentication supported: Windows, SQL, Azure Entra ID Password.

  • Guidelines for hardware specs:

    • In most deployments, the data warehouse data space will be 5% to 20% of the source database data space (data space without logs).

    • For fast performance, allocate RAM for SQL to be at least twice as big as the largest table to be hosted in the data warehouse. For instance, allocate 16GB of RAM for SQL if the largest data warehouse table will have 8GB of data. With this spec, SQL won’t be forced to do HD swaps when working with this table. For top performance, all data space should fit into the available RAM.

    • Here are recommendations based on the expected data warehouse data space:

      • Up to 4GB: 2+ CPU threads, 2GB+ of RAM.

      • Up to 16GB: 4+ CPU threads, 8GB+ of RAM.

      • Up to 32GB: 4+ CPU threads, 16GB+ of RAM.

      • Up to 128GB: 8+ CPU threads, 64GB+ of RAM.

      • Above 128GB: contact us.

    • Disk space (SSD preferably): Minimum free 150GB. Make it 5+ times the expected data space.

  • Recovery model: Simple (or Full).

  • Compatibility level: Latest available.

  • Collation: the same as your source systems', if applicable. Our default is SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS.

  • ETL+ requires dbo role for the MS SQL database hosting the data warehouse.

  • Recommended to set up SQL Encrypt connection and Trust server certificate, and its HD with encryption at rest.